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Water Damage

Inspection- Proper inspection will be done by a trained technician and our moisture meters to assess the extent of the water damage. We will take detailed pictures and notes for proper documentation of our findings.


Deconstruction- Our goal is to always save and salvage your content and home finishings. However, when we are dealing with contaminated porous material that is deemed non-salvageable, we will remove this material in a safe clean way to the landfill. This would fall under a sewage loss, or even clean water that has been left stagnant for too long and presents odors, and even microbial growth.

Cleaning and Sanitizing- All items that are deemed safe to restore will be properly cleaned and sanitized. We employ a combination of cleaning methods with specialty equipment such as our electrostatic sprayer, truck-mounted high heat hot water extraction unit, and other basic cleaning methods. 

Drying System- Safely drying a structure requires more than fans and dehumidifiers. It also requires the careful management and daily inspection of a trained technician. It is possible to dry too fast and is possible to dry too slow. Having the correct understanding of psychometrics and the ability to make necessary adjustments along the way is key in a successful drying system. 

Reconstruction Collaboration-   Upon completion of cleaning and mitigation work, we connect you with our preferred General Contractors or trades specific contractors that will take your project across the finish line and return your home to its pre-loss condition. 

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